Classic Steel Frames
Built with prestigious tubing, Reynolds, Tange, Vitus or Columbus, These frames were and still are built by craftsmen and women. Built with High quality materials, its little wonder that we we work on frames that had been raced over sixty years ago.!

We offer a comprehensive repair and alteration service for all Steel Frames. Whether it be a broken dropout, a bent fork, or even worn-out threads, it can all be fixed' and don't worry about a bit of surface rust. If your frame is from an earlier period you may want to fit new equipment. Ask us to check the frame to make sure that the new parts will fit. It may need a few tweaks! click here to find out how to get your frame to us

Carbon Fibre Frames
Many Carbon Fibre Frames are finished as the natural fibre look. Within time the lacquer finish can become scratched and chipped. With careful preparation carbon fibre frames can be restored, fresh decals fitted, some colour if required, bringing a fresh new look to your frame.

Aluminium Frames
With many of the big tour teams riding aluminium frames we are frequently asked to re- finish frames in team colours. (usually in the colours of the winning team). Name your team